ProfitBricks Brings Docker Containers to Its Cloud

ProfitBricks, an infrastructure-as-a-service provider, is offering an early preview of its new Docker hosting platform that enables users to build fully-portable applications within the ProfitBricks cloud. ProfitBricks’ Docker provides developers and system administrators with a platform with dedicated resources that autoscales the Docker hosts. Early access customers will be able to utilize up to 2,500 CPU core hours as part of ProfitBricks’ early access Docker preview. 

“When we first embarked on our Docker product architecture, we knew that it would not only need to meet the standards of existing Docker platforms, but also incorporate new features that addressed existing problems encountered with Docker,” said Achim Weiss, Co-founder and CEO of ProfitBricks.

Docker enables developers and system administrators to build, ship, run and orchestrate distributed applications, reducing application delivery and improving infrastructure efficiency by eliminating the need for virtualization. ProfitBricks is the first provider to solve the noisy neighbor problem with a Docker hosting platform that features dedicated resources with dedicated CPU cores and dedicated RAM that can autoscale the Docker hosts. This together with the security of SSH Key download support and a full control panel provides a better performing and easier to use Docker hosting solution for DevOps teams using Docker.

ProfitBricks also brings dedicated resources with autoscaling to the Docker world, ensuring that resources are automatically managed depending on the demands of the Docker containers and the applications running within them. With ProfitBricks, autoscaling no longer requires the use of a standalone application or the implementation of custom scripts - it is now seamlessly integrated in ProfitBricks’ platform.

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