Prognoz Platform 7.0 Features New Visualization and Analytics Capabilities

Prognoz, a provider of business analytics solutions, has unveiled Prognoz Platform version 7. This solution is intended to help managers, business analyst and other experts manage their big data and derive the information needed to predict future opportunities and improve decision-making.

Prognoz Platform 7.0 is a fully-integrated BI platform with easy-to-use tools for developing BI solutions including a broad range of analytic capabilities for desktop, web, mobile device and cloud architecture. “An important feature about these tools is that all of them, for predictive and descriptive analytics, share the same metadata layer. Once you have them modeled and focused on your data, it becomes available for dashboard and reporting for your colleagues,” Ilya Yut, Prognoz’s head of systems software design, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Not only does the platform provide traditional BI capabilities like dashboards, reporting and scorecards, but also advanced analytics and modeling tools, supported by rich development tools and comprehensive metadata and security management.

The visualization and analytics in Prognoz Platform 7.0 feature customized reporting, ad-hoc analysis, dashboards, multi-layer mapping, advanced modeling and forecasting. The solution has advanced predictive and prescriptive capabilities based on scenario approaches. “Our platform is flexible and we do our best to make it user-friendly to avoid as much IT effort so that an end user may easily deal with the data and do it in the most visualized way, and even perform ‘what if’ scenario analysis,” Yut explains. Prognoz 7.0 has an integrated development environment for faster and easier creation of custom applications, as well as robust security management and administration.

Prognoz Platform 7.0 is available now. For more information, visit