Progress Acquires PaaS Vendor

Progress has acquired a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) vendor that provides solutions for hosting, deploying, scaling and monitoring data-intensive, real-time applications using Node.js and MongoDB technologies. The vendor, Modulus, is a privately-held company that provides a Node.js and MongoDB cloud platform that is designed to simplify and speed development of business and consumer apps that are constantly monitored and optimized. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Web development is in a period of dramatic change as apps now need to be more event driven than ever in order to provide the best user experience,” said Karen Tegan Padir, CTO at Progress. “The Modulus Node.js and MongoDB cloud platform is the best solution for creating, deploying and monitoring these types of real-time connected apps and is part of an incredible, thriving open source community.”

The Modulus platform is designed for real-time mobile, SaaS, social and big data apps that run across distributed devices and can seamlessly handle floods of data requests with built-in performance monitoring and analytics. Modulus Enterprise is among the first enterprise Node.js platforms available as a licensed product. 

Founded in 2012, Modulus has more than 450 customers of all sizes and is active in the Node.js community. Node.js is designed for building high performing, scalable network applications using the JavaScript programming language.  MongoDB is a NoSQL database system and is designed for scalability, performance and high availability.

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