Progress Adds DataDirect Drivers for MongoDB and SparkSQL

Progress Software is releasing two new drivers for MongoDB and SparkSQL to its DataDirect connectivity suite.

“MongoDB is one of the hottest databases right now but also provides unique challenges when accessing the data stored inside from different BI and integration tools,” said Michael Benedict, president of the Data Connectivity and Integration Business Unit at Progress.  “We worked closely with Mongo and our OEM and corporate partners to build the best, highest performing and most features rich Mongo and SparkSQL drivers available.” 

With the two new drivers, enterprise architects can build applications that can connect using standard ODBC, JDBC, ADO.Net and OData interfaces using standard SQL queries.

The drivers take data in MongoDB and SparkSQL and present it as relational data, so any application can read the data easily as if it were relational in nature.

Additionally, the new DataDirect drivers will provide natural relational views for SQL-based applications, optimize performance for any application, without compromising functionality , enable users to query, sort and/or aggregate all data stored in arrays via SQL, normalize schema-less MongoDB data into relational views, and Maximize MongoDB performance via optimized joins across tables.

Currently, Progress offers DataDirect drivers for a variety of big data sources including Cassandra, Impala, SAP HANA, and Apache Hive, as well as commercial distributions of Hive from Amazon, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Pivotal. 

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