Progress Adds Toolkit for Mobile App Development in OpenEdge 11.2

Progress Software released a new version of its OpenEdge platform with a new mobile app development toolkit. The toolkit offers developers a fast and easy way to deploy full enterprise applications on mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, while also taking advantage of specific mobile device features.

The OpenEdge application development platform has an embedded database, application server and development tooling packaged together. The product has been available for more than 20 years and has a loyal customer base of ISVs and direct end users,  Karen Tegan Padir, senior vice president and business line executive, Application Development for Progress Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The new mobile development toolkit provides GUI functionality and allows developers to interact with the specific features of a particular device. Developers can create applications using very standard HTML5 and jQuery calls that run on a range of different devices so they don’t have to test across different handsets. The toolkit’s “write once, run anywhere” approach is intended to enable organizations to bridge what has been dubbed “the mobile app gap,”  resulting from organizations not moving fast enough to develop and deploy mobile applications for staff, customers and partners.

Leveraging the back-end capabilities of the OpenEdge platform, Progress says, the solution can increase developer productivity by 40% or more compared to competitive solutions, and it allows developers to update applications as the mobile market evolves and new devices are introduced.

More information is available about OpenEdge 11.2 and OpenEdge Mobile.