Progress Announces New OpenEdge Release with Developer Productivity, Security, and Performance Enhancements

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has introduced Progress OpenEdge 12.2. With a strong focus on supporting modern applications for a cloud-first and hybrid world, the latest release of Progress OpenEdge delivers new capabilities that address the demand for continuous operations, making great strides toward the need for the highest levels of availability and the need to maintain uptime SLAs for improved customer experience. Additionally, the new release includes immediate auto recovery to get systems up and running within seconds and improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling.

“For decades, Progress has provided the technology businesses need to not only run effectively, but to thrive as markets evolve and end-user needs change,” said John Ainsworth, senior vice president, Core Products, Progress. “In a time when business continuity and customer confidence are top priorities, Progress continues to deliver, whether through the assurance that mission-critical business applications will run effectively or by providing a complete portfolio of solutions that address business needs—from network monitoring to secure file transfer, data connectivity, unprecedented website capabilities, and more.”

According to Progress, OpenEdge continues to deliver on increased performance. As customers migrate to the latest versions of OpenEdge, companies have been seeing up to 200% data throughput performance. 

Progress OpenEdge also provides a compelling developer experience that stays true to its fundamental value proposition—making things easy and automated whenever possible. This includes CI/CD, tooling integration and more.  An API-first approach allows OpenEdge to become a truly open platform with service and data integration, big data and data warehousing. In addition, organizations can get new developers up to speed quickly and effectively through extensive training, documentation and support, provided by Progress.

With this release, Progress has strengthened security within the platform through OpenSSL library upgrades, multi-tenant user permission integrity, keystore cryptography, and more. In the event of a suspected breach, the OpenEdge platform can be locked down immediately, providing an added layer of trust that an organization can run effectively with minimal risk of compromise.

In addition, Progress has introduced a long-term support (LTS) release that enables customers and partners to take advantage of the benefits of OpenEdge while continuing to receive technical support for several years, giving customers greater operational stability and longevity, while allowing for more informed, confident decision-making for modernization projects.  

Progress OpenEdge 12.2 is available today. To learn more about how you can evolve your business, go to