Progress DataDirect Expands Cloud and On-Premise Data Connectivity

Progress Software Corporation has expanded the range of data sources for its DataDirect Cloud service and DataDirect Connect family of products. With this release, DataDirect supports data sources from Cloudera Impala to Apache Hive to Greenplum, among others. The company is also announcing beta support for Social Media Data, Relational Data, NoSQL Data and ERP Data.

Since its beginning, the mission for DataDirect has been to help organizations connect any application on any platform to any data, Jaime Meritt, director of product management, Progress DataDirect, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

However, in the last 5 years, data has increasingly moved into the far reaches of the cloud, meaning that an organization’s pipeline is now in Salesforce, its HR information is now sitting in Workday, accounting information is in QuickBooks or Intacct. Organizations still need access to that data so they can make business decisions, and still need to connect their BI environment and your application platforms to that data but now the data is farther afield. “We saw that need to expand our focus from relational into the world of cloud and there has also been a lot of interest in the big data world.” As a result, Meritt notes, DataDirect is providing an expanding footprint of connectivity.

In addition, DataDirect is also expanding how it delivers connectivity, says Meritt. “Not only are we focused on providing connectivity for on-premise solutions, but we also deliver that connectivity as a cloud service. DataDirect Cloud connects you to any and all sources supported in the DataDirect portfolio.”

New sources include   DataDirect Cloud support currently in beta for  CRM sources Microsoft Dynamics CRM, VeevaCRM, FinancialForce and ServiceMax. In addition, Cloudera Impala support expands DataDirect coverage for Big Data databases. Cloudera provides SQL-based access to HBase, the NoSQL columnar database that stores data in specifically structured HDFSs (Hadoop Distributed File System). There is also new support for Apache Hive, as well as PostgreSQL and Greenplum.

In addition, Progress is also announcing registration for a number of DataDirect pre-release and beta sources. Users can apply for beta program access, which includes sources such as:

  • Social Media Data: When combined with CRM data, leveraging social data for sentiment analysis and customer satisfaction can be a major asset. DataDirect Cloud will be supporting many of the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Relational Data: Expanding on the DataDirect heritage of industry leading connectivity to relational data, new support will be added for Amazon RDS and Microsoft SQL Azure.
  • NoSQL Data: Apache Cassandra and MongoDB are two of the most popular NoSQL databases on the market today, both of which will be supported by DataDirect.
  •  ERP Data: Simplifying the integration of on-premise and cloud business application data is a key strength of DataDirect, and new support for Oracle Taleo, Workday, Intacct, Concur, and Netsuite greatly expands the portfolio of supported business applications.

According to Progress, the new data sources and the other capabilities of the Progress DataDirect product line play a key role in the new Progress Pacific application platform-as-a-service, announced recently. The Pacific platform, which incorporates connectivity technologies from the Progress DataDirect product line, enables applications to easily connect to numerous disparate data sources, allowing quicker data integration and more comprehensive business logic and analysis.

“You can place your bet with DataDirect and we will provide you connectivity to any and all data sources,” says Meritt.

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