Progress Open Sources ABL Code with Release of Spark Toolkit

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has released the Progress Spark Toolkit, a set of open source ABL code and recommended best practices to enable organizations to evolve existing applications and extend their capabilities to meet market demands. 

Previously only available from Progress Services, the Spark Toolkit was created in collaboration with the Progress Common Component Specification (CCS) project, a group of Progress OpenEdge customers and partners defining a standard set of specifications for the common components for building modern business applications. By engaging the community, Progress says it has leveraged best practices in the development of these standards-based components and tools to enable new levels of interoperability, flexibility, efficiencies and effectiveness.

There are currently 10 components available within the Spark Toolkit. The first three are required components focused on starting up and bootstrapping sessions, business services and an authentication component. The remaining components focus on everything from connecting to a service, to logging and catalog management, tagging and mapping and more.

According to Progress, the toolkit’s compliance with the CCS means that customers avoid component lock-in risk and can choose from a variety of vendors that implement to the standard. It is compatible with the latest version of OpenEdge, 11.7, and is available under Apache License 2.0. More components are expected to be added in the future, the company says.

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