Progress Releases DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 4.0

Progress Software has released DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 4.0, the most recent version of its suite of ADO.NET data providers that includes 100% managed code and eliminates the need for database client libraries. With support for Microsoft Entity Framework, Visual Studio Lightswitch, and expanded enterprise capabilities, developers can quickly and easily create, deploy and manage mission-critical desktop and Cloud applications.

Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 4.0 provides greater performance and efficiency by using less memory and CPU cycles, thus lowering operating costs. With 100 percent managed code, the connector also boasts improved security and reliability, allowing users to be more productive than ever before. “Not only do we allow Lightswitch users to write their applications faster, but Lightswitch also has an easy deployment mechanism to deploy those things to the cloud,” Jesse Davis, director, DataDirect research and development, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

In addition to Visual Studio Lightswitch support, the latest release from Progress includes development pattern support and type mapping, expanded bulk load support, and enhanced driver logging. “We have a specialized way at the data source layer underneath to allow you to import that data much more quickly using a specialized protocol over the wire,” says Davis, enabling users to, “move massive amounts of data.” Enhanced driver logging makes it easier to track down problems in the code stack, enabling users to resolve technical issues quickly and reduce their impact on the business.

Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 4.0 is available now. Visit to learn more.