Progress Releases Serverless Rules Engine for JavaScript

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, is releasing Corticon.js, a new serverless rules engine created to quickly and easily build, test and deploy rules to critical JavaScript applications.

JavaScript is the industry standard for web, mobile and IoT developers. Pushing rules via the same serverless architecture results in better decisions, made earlier in the process. In mobile deployments, decisions can be made without the lag of server-side processing.

Corticon.js serverless rules engine makes it quicker and easier to deploy rules to critical JavaScript applications. Now developers can ensure that these rules are delivered within the application, negating the need for server-side hardware and cycle time.

Corticon.js supports lightweight, serverless architectures. In-app deployments support mobile rules execution—eliminating the need to send data back to a server for processing.

By aligning with modern, cloud-based infrastructure where the infrastructure is fully managed by cloud providers, serverless rules execution reduces costs significantly by eliminating the overhead of managing and maintaining “always on” physical servers, virtualized machines or containers.

Costs are incurred on an incremental basis and contingent on the consumption of resources. Corticon.js strategically complements a business’ existing infrastructure investment and frees resources and people to focus on the bottom line by promoting collaboration across organizations.

Progress Corticon.js:

  • Empowers business analysts and policy experts to author business logic without coding
  • Provides a structured approach to documentation of business logic for regulatory review and knowledge retention
  • Deploys decision services as either callable web services or directly embedded in applications
  • Removes interdependencies on the data and code of other systems

“Developers are continuously on the hunt for solutions that mesh well with their cloud-based architectures and lower the time, cost and complexity of their deployments,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “In accordance with our overarching focus on providing the best solutions to develop, run and manage applications, Corticon.js does just that by providing business rules at the architecture layer, without hard coding, resulting in a lightweight deployment that offers immediate benefits in the form of efficiencies and operational cost savings.”

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