Progress Software Buying Savvion

Progress Software Corporation, a provider of enterprise operations software, announced today at its Global Field Operations Conference the acquisition of Savvion Inc., a privately held business enterprise software company based in Santa Clara, Calif., for approximately $49 million, net of cash acquired.

Savvion is a provider of Business Process Management (BPM) technology with 15 years of market experience.  The company offers a BPM suite that helps companies automate and continuously improve critical business processes.

"The Savvion BPM suite is a perfect fit for Progress because it offers leading capabilities for business process modeling and execution," says Dr. John Bates, Progress Software's chief technology officer and head of corporate development. "The suite also uniquely includes other integrated key capabilities, including business rules management, document management, an event engine and an analytics engine."

Progress says the combination of its business event processing, business transaction assurance and integration portfolio, coupled with the Savvion BPM suite, will help enterprises to achieve higher levels of operational responsiveness. The combined solutions will aid in the detection of system bottle-necks through visibility into process transactions and resolving, as well as helping to capture, analyze and respond to opportunities and threats to the business through business event processing in real-time.

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