Progress Software Launches Progress Responsive Process Management Suite

Progress Software Corporation yesterday announced the launch of a new business solution intended to enable enterprises to improve business performance. The solution, Progress Responsive Process Management suite (RPM), combines comprehensive visibility, business event processing and business process management (BPM) capabilities on a single, unified platform.

"The reason we've created this suite is in response to what we have been seeing in our customer base. Our customers want to gain what we call ‘operational responsiveness.' In other words, to have a business that is highly adaptive, can anticipate opportunities and threats, and respond before they have been missed, or before it is too late," Dr. John Bates, Progress Software CTO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We have seen over the last year the desire of businesses to squeeze any cost they can out of their business - to do more with less - but also to increase revenue-generating opportunities, to retain customer loyalty, and so on." There has been so much done by analyzing the business statically, Bates observes, but now the new frontier for business is to dynamically optimize the way the business runs in real time. "That is really one of the only ways left to achieve more with less and to dynamically be able to get close to what your customers are doing now, to upsell to them, for example, and to anticipate what your competitors are doing and out-maneuver them."

According to Progress, the new suite provides key functionality that enables continuous business improvement because it is a human-centric platform providing business users with real-time visibility into business processes and systems, including legacy processes, processes modeled with BPM and business events occurring outside of processes. Second, the Progress RPM suite includes comprehensive process modeling and automation capabilities, enabling business users to continuously improve their existing business processes and rapidly implement new ones, without disrupting existing systems. And third, the suite continuously monitors the millions of events potentially impacting a business in order to identify patterns as well as anticipate opportunities and threats. The RPM suite will then immediately respond, either by triggering an automated response, launching a business process, adjusting a business process that is already running or alerting a business user to take action.

Progress Solution Accelerators - pre-built industry-specific dynamic applications that extend the core Progress RPM suite - allow business users to define their business processes based on best-in-class industry practices. Solution Accelerators will be released over the coming months with particular focus on financial services, communications, travel and logistics industries. For more information, go here.