Progress Updates Business Transaction Management Platform

Progress Software Corporation, a provider of enterprise infrastructure software, recently announced the latest release for managing the complexity of interconnected distributed applications, and enabling users to detect and resolve problems between applications and their interactions, thereby ensuring100% transaction success.

Version 8.1 of the Progress Actional Business Transaction Management platform has several new features, including integration with the SAP ABAP programming language, auditing and logging using messaging infrastructure, increased visibility into new application platforms, and support for JMS (Java Messaging Service) testing.

With SAP ABAP support, Actional now provides visibility into all applications that are built using SAP NetWeaver. Prior to the availability of this release, only Java-based NetWeaver customers enjoyed full access to the platform's visibility capabilities. Actional 8.1 now also offers SAP customers insight into and between ABAP-based applications and their interactions within heterogeneous environments. When issues occur either outside or within these applications directly impacting a transaction's success, the IT department can target and address the problem before it becomes critical, according to Progress.

"Transactions are made up of many connected applications, and the Actional platform ensures the successful flow of transactions through these integrated environments," Dan Foody, vice president of Actional Products at Progress Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Within the SAP NetWeaver environment, there is a Java application server and an ABAP application server. Actional already supported visibility into applications running on the Java server, and now with release 8.1 it also supports visibility into applications running on the ABAP server. With 8.1, we have also expanded the Actional support of other platforms, namely the Spring Framework platform and the Microsoft Biztalk platform."

Among other improvements, the auditing and logging capability using messaging infrastructure now provides customers with the choice of distributing audit and log information via JMS, or sending it directly to a database. This capability also acts as a foundation for event driven architectures, enabling consumers to gain access to events occurring within business applications.

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