Progress and DataStax Partner on Connectivity and Integration for Cassandra NoSQL Database

Progress is partnering with DataStax, which offers production-certified Apache Cassandra for the enterprise, to provide customers with data connectivity and integration solutions.

Cassandra is an open source distributed NoSQL database management system that offers support for clusters spanning multiple data centers while allowing for low latency operations.

The companies say the partnership is the result of increased demand from both Progress DataDirect and DataStax customers for a standards-based solution that allows Cassandra to integrate with existing IT processes and systems, including BI, analytics and ETL. The goal is to shorten the integration time, reduce the development effort, and allow for reuse of existing skills, particularly with the database teams that use traditional relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.

“The Progress DataDirect partnership with DataStax demonstrates growing need for Cassandra support in the enterprise,” said Michael Benedict, president, data connectivity and integration, Progress.

“As the data landscape grows, companies will see a need for a solution that can process high-volume, high velocity data capture and analysis. Cassandra fills that void, and the DataDirect for Cassandra driver serves as the connector between data and actionable insights.”

With the new Progress DataDirect for Cassandra driver, currently in beta, data is appropriately mapped between SQL and NoSQL with zero data loss. In addition, because users of Cassandra are often dealing with massive volumes of data, the Progress DataDirect driver ensures data can be processed with the velocity demanded by systems that operate at cloud-scale.

More information is available about  DataStax, and Progress DataDirect.