Propel Software Delivers Rapid Time to Market Capabilities with Latest Release

Propel Software, creator of a product value management (PVM) platform, is releasing Accelerated Value Services, speeding up product innovation and providing operational excellence across product lifecycle management (PLM), quality management (QMS), and product information management (PIM) software solutions.

Included in the company’s second major release of 2023, Propel packages best practice solutions that compress software implementations to as little as six weeks, demonstrating its commitment to rapid return on investment, according to the vendor.

Propel PVM connects commercial and product teams with one, continuous product thread to optimize decision making and remove process silos. This heightened product collaboration across the enterprise drives increased product value, faster.

Propel Accelerated Value Services prioritize product value throughout the development process giving companies of any size a competitive, go-to-market advantage enabling swift and selective implementations of PLM, QMS, and PIM. Customers can scale their solution to specific needs implementing any software combination based on market or business urgency, according to the company.

"Companies are often in the race of their lives to create and launch new products to capture valuable market share. Today’s market conditions require scalable solutions that are easy to adopt. Our Summer release gives customers a leg up on the competition as they implement best practices to achieve product value more effectively," said Eric Schrader, CPO of Propel. "Coupled with our continuous enhancement of core business processes and workflows like change management, we're truly demonstrating how Propel can drive operational excellence for product companies."

In the Summer ‘23 release, Propel also unveils new features tailored to improve business processes through enhanced user experiences.

These enhancements prioritize streamlined collaboration and refined analytics, offering groundbreaking innovation that positively affects profitability.

Updates to workspace reporting have introduced standardized fields, allowing users to perform actionable queries. Questions like, “Which of my parts are single-sourced?” or “Which of my tasks are late?” can now be easily answered.

Propel also includes many preloaded reports and has made the process of querying not only user friendly, but also shareable internally with teams, externally with partners, and across an engaged community of Propel customers.

Propel’s Summer ‘23 release is currently available.

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