Protegrity Launches Data Security Platform for HortonWorks

Protegrity, a provider of data security solutions, has announced an expanded partnership with Hadoop platform provider Hortonworks. The companies have focused their efforts on strengthening and expanding the availability of data-centric protection and monitoring in the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). 

Protegrity Avatar for Hortonworks extends the capabilities of HDP native security with Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) for Apache Hadoop, Extended HDFS Encryption, and the Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator, for advanced data protection policy, key management and auditing.

Within the industry today many developers are unsure of how to solve the issues of data security, said Suni Munshani, the CEO of Protegrity. “More than 50% of all big data implementations around the world are stuck in the proof-of-concept stage because they don’t know what to do next because they don’t understand the implications,” he noted. Protegrity worked closely with Hortonworks to make the environment as seamless and secure as possible with Protegrity Avatar, he said.

The highlights of Protegrity Avatar are its Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) and Vaultless Tokenization. ESA provides a complete set of controls and interfaces for the user and manages all aspects of security. Tokenization is a process in which fake data is substituted for real data.

“Our team came up with an in-memory Vaultless Tokenization that does not have any collisions, duplications, delays in performance, and is able to use a static table as a reference table to verify data very efficiently in-memory,” explained Munshani. This creates a small footprint which allows for more speed and efficiency. “A core theme for our data security strategy is finding ways to reduce the surface area of real data available so it’s not visible, not available, and hackers can’t get it.”

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