Protegrity Partners with Xactly for Safe Data Storage in Cloud

Protegrity, a data security software platform, is partnering with Xactly, a provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, to give businesses a security solution that will protect the ability to store data safely in the cloud.

“Xactly deals with 1000 customers worldwide and many of those customers are multi-billion dollars in revenue,” said Suni Munshani, CEO at Protegrity. “What goes into that is an incredible amount of personally identifiable information. You can’t afford to have any of that compromised at any point in time.”

Xactly provides companies with an accurate picture of incentive compensation for their employees.

The Protegrity Cloud Gateway protects sensitive data before it gets to the cloud, giving organizations the ability to rapidly adopt solutions like Xactly Incent by extending to the cloud the technology and policies used to protect their core on premise systems.

Data can be encrypted or tokenized using a no-code, configurable interface without impacting business processes or sacrificing the functionality and features of the Xactly solution.

 “By partnering with Xactly we will be able to help companies harness the power of Xactly’s leading incentive solutions while meeting internal privacy standards or external regulations,” Munshani said. “As more business applications move to the cloud, Protegrity stands ready to help ease that transition for companies who want to have the highest levels of enterprise data security without negatively impacting the performance of the SaaS solutions they use to run their business.”

The partnership came about after a company that worked with both Xactly and Protegrity suggested teaming up to offer better cloud security for data storage. A variety of companies will benefit from Protegrity and Xactly partnership, according to Munshani. “Their customers are used to a very high level of security, compliance, visibility and management, so we make all of that possible without changing anything at all with our cloud gateway,” Munshani said. “It’s a win all around.”

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