Puppet Labs and Cumulus Networks to Offer Integrated Network Switch

Puppet Labs, a provider of IT automation software, said that it is working with Cumulus Networks on a joint integration offering, so switches running Cumulus Linux can be managed as any other Puppet-managed device. Building on a previous partnership between Dell and Cumulus Networks, these new integrations provide customers with a stack solution of hardware, operating system, and configuration management.

“Through our work with Cumulus Networks and Dell, joint customers can now extend the benefits of Puppet Enterprise to more parts of their data centers, making SDN and its benefits a reality,” said Nigel Kersten, CIO of Puppet Labs.

As part of this partnership, Cumulus Networks and Puppet Labs have created a native Puppet Enterprise agent for Cumulus Linux and a Cumulus Linux Puppet module. With the Cumulus Linux Puppet modules and native Puppet Enterprise agent, customers can use Puppet Enterprise to configure and manage everything from compute resources to switch VLANs and interfaces. For those wanting to get started out of the box, Dell and Cumulus Networks have partnered to offer a reference platform on the S6000-ON switch. This allows customers to use a unified change management processes across their servers and switches, enabling faster application deployment.

The Puppet Supported Program is a certification program that enables Puppet Enterprise customers to extend the benefits of automation across their data centers.

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