Puppet Offers Secure Infrastructure Automation for DevOps Teams Navigating Digital Transformation

Puppet by Perforce, the industry standard for infrastructure automation, is making significant enhancement to its commercial offering, adding new security, compliance, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities.

Starting with the release of Puppet Enterprise 2023.7, Puppet Enterprise now includes the following features:

- Security Compliance Management allows customers to assess their infrastructure against desired state compliance configurations across Windows and Linux operating systems, scan for CIS compliance with the integrated CIS- CAT Pro Assessor, and report on desired compliance.

- Security Compliance Enforcement, a premium feature available as an add-on to an existing Puppet license, utilizes Puppet policy as code to automatically remediate drift and enforce compliant configurations aligned to CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

- Continuous Delivery enables teams to easily test and deploy infrastructure code across environments from within Puppet Enterprise. Continuous Delivery includes value reporting and activity reporting capabilities and features integrations with existing CI/CD pipelines and popular version control systems.

- Impact Analysis, a premium feature available as an add-on to an existing Puppet license, provides a preview of how a Puppet code deployment could impact the current environment before merging code.

“We’ve worked closely with IT and operations leaders across global organizations to understand the shifting needs of their teams," said Steve Jezierski, general manager at Perforce Software. "Staying secure and embracing change while successfully navigating current market conditions and increasingly complex environments is not easy. Our customers are on a journey, and we’re committed to being their partner every step of the way.”

With the demands of digital transformation, security imperatives, and efficiency requiring every organization to move with greater agility, Puppet Enterprise emerges as a timely solution to increase business velocity without sacrificing security and resiliency, according to the company.

“It’s exciting to be a part of this transformation knowing we are directly addressing our customers’ needs in real time,” said Kapil Tandon, vice president of product management at Perforce. “Security remains such a critical need, so we know that the addition of Security Compliance Management delivers functionality that is indispensable. And Continuous Delivery enables a degree of agility that organizations need at all levels, from infrastructure developers and engineers to the C-suite. We’ll continue to evolve Puppet Enterprise to ensure we’re delivering the value and solutions needed today.”

As part of the evolutionary journey, the Puppet Forge has also been updated to add value for all Puppet users. The go-to resource for time-saving Puppet modules now features new user-friendly enhancements that continue to make it the one-stop shop for the Puppet community to get more out of their existing resources, according to the company.

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