Pure Storage Attains SAP HANA Certification

The Pure Storage FlashArray 400 Series is now certified by SAP as an enterprise storage solution for the SAP HANA platform. The certification enables Pure Storage to participate in SAP’s program for SAP HANA tailored data center integration using its certified solution.  Through participation in the program, customers can leverage their existing hardware and infrastructure components for their SAP HANA-based environments, providing further choices for organizations even when working in heterogeneous environments.

A variety of customers will benefit from the certification, according to Matt Kixmoeller, vice president of products at Pure Storage. “Some of the most common scenarios we see customers deploying SAP HANA for is real time analytics and IoT applications,” Kixmoeller said. For these scenarios, Kixmoeller explained, even in memory systems, like SAP HANA, can be bottlenecked by underperforming legacy infrastructure.

“All-flash storage alleviates this issue to a certain degree, both from a performance and availability standpoint,” said Kixmoeller.  “Modern data management systems, like SAP HANA, need modern infrastructure, like Pure Storage.”

Pure Storage is looking to increase the usage of SAP HANA by simplifying management, increasing availability, and delivering high performance requirements, according to Kixmoeller.  “A big stumbling block for enterprises looking to adopt SAP HANA is infrastructure inefficiency and complexity, particularly at the storage layer,” Kixmoeller said.” Traditional storage arrays are too complicated to manage, lack mission critical reliability and do not meet the performance requirements for SAP HANA environments, especially if the working data set does not fit in memory.” Moving to all-flash storage will reduce the overall total cost of ownership for SAP environments and maximize their investment, Kixmoeller said.

In addition to the certification, according to Kixmoeller, Pure Storage is actively developing advanced use case scenarios around SAP HANA, such as dynamic multi-tiering, encryption off loading and replication.

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