Pure Storage Introduces Copy Automation Tool for SAP  

Pure Storage, provider of an all-flash data platform, has announced a new Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP systems that allows customers to automate the entire SAP database copy, clone, and refresh process, including database, pre- and post-copy tasks.

According to Pure Storage, CAT for SAP from Pure Storage can reduce database copy from days to hours, and cut SAP-related storage and management costs by up to 90%annually. As a result, customers are able to deploy IT staff to drive innovation, rather than manage time-consuming and complex database infrastructures. Running directly on both FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X, CAT for SAP is included at no additional charge, provides functionality out-of-the-box, and allows customers the flexibility to integrate additional tasks, customize, and scale.

The solution is embedded directly in Purity Run, a dedicated, compute-and-memory-isolated execution environment within FlashArray.  This allows customers to run CAT directly on the FlashArray without requiring any additional hardware to procure or manage.

CAT for SAP also leverages Purity Protect, the space-efficient disaster recovery and protection suite that comes standard with every FlashArray.

With Purity Protect, customers receive instant snapshots, no performance degradation. No reservations or planning required, zero performance overhead and flexible consistency groups; complete copies with all capabilities; snapshot space savings up to 90% with no data deduplication; and the ability to recover anything, to anywhere.

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