Pure Storage Launches Cloud-Native Data Protection Built for Flash

Pure Storage has announced ObjectEngine, a data protection platform purpose-built for flash and cloud. Designed to enable data centricity for the enterprise and built on cloud-native technologies from recently acquired StorReduce, ObjectEngine further unifies cloud and on-premise deployments with rapid backup and recovery across both.

The launch of the ObjectEngine platform comes just months after the acquisition of StorReduce, flash-native deduplication technology designed to enable user-friendly, cost-effective recovery and backup to the public cloud.

“For too long, backup and protection has been an insurance policy rather than a strategic asset. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, organizations need every advantage possible to ensure they get the most value out of their data,” said Matt Burr, General Manager for FlashBlade, Pure Storage. “ObjectEngine offers an evolved, cloud-centric approach to business continuity that can help forward-looking customers do more with their data.”

According to Pure Storage, the majority of today’s solutions are built for a “disk-to-disk-to-tape” approach, meaning that hot and warm data are stored on disk while historical or backup data goes to tape, where it is largely inaccessible. Legacy backup appliances optimized to back up data are 10x slower when data needs to be restored. Today, historical data is business’s most critical currency—it needs to be readily accessible at a moment’s notice, the company contends.

ObjectEngine, the company says, enables organizations to take a “flash-to-flash-to-cloud” approach and meet increasingly stringent backup and restore SLAs without any change to their existing backup workflow.

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