Pure Storage Offers Data Management for Oracle

Limitations in data management can prevent Oracle application owners and database administrators (DBAs) from doing their jobs effectively.

Oracle application owners are burdened by slow access to data, missed SLAs, and lengthy development processes.

And Oracle DBAs struggle with unavoidable downtime, constant IO subsystem tuning, uncertain capacity planning, and complex data protection and business continuity strategies.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Rob Ludeman, director, solutions marketing, business applications, Pure Storage; and Jorge Garcia, Oracle solutions architect, Pure Storage, who discussed the key benefits Pure Storage provides to help users maximize the value of data insight from Oracle.

Ludeman and Garcia explained that utilizing Oracle presents a few challenges for users: licensing and options require huge ongoing investment, massive databases are difficult to manage, compensation geared toward Oracle cloud adoption and licensing audits used as negotiating tactic, and it’s difficult to migrate away once adopted.

To avoid these issues, Pure Storage can work with Oracle to offer predictable performance and response times, simplify and reduce Opex cost to run, and achieve Oracle Mission-critical uptime for all applications and databases.

Oracle on Pure Storage can:

  • Process millions of transactions per minute with a sub-millisecond latency
  • Provide up to 5:1 average data reduction to lower capacity costs
  • Offer seamless integration with Oracle and 3rd party backups
  • Has zero unplanned downtime
  • Is up to 90% faster copy/clone/refresh with snapshots and replication

Pure also offers Arrays for Oracle, Ludeman and Garcia said. These arrays can work with operational data, mission-critical data, backup and analytics, and converged systems.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.