Pure Storage Ramps Up Cloud Integration Capabilities

Pure Storage, an all-flash data platform vendor, has introduced new software and hardware innovations for the FlashArray product line that addresses cloud workload integration.

Purity ActiveCluster enables CloudSnap native cloud integration, Policy QoS, VVols, the 100% NVMe DirectFlash Shelf, and more within Purity//FA 5.0 software.

ActiveCluster is an active/active metro stretch cluster solution intended to extend availability and provide business continuity across the data center or metro region. Application workloads on clustered Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, VMware Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) or Hyper-V continue to run transparently, even if an unexpected issue causes the array, network or data center to fail.

Purity//FA 5.0 also includes more 10 additional new features built to extend reliability, performance, cloud integration, cloud automation and developer openness. Purity's always-On QoS is extended in this release to include sophisticated policy management.

Purity's Snap technology also has been enhanced to move data copies off FlashArray for long-term retention. The feature uses a new Portable Snapshot format which encapsulates recovery metadata within the Snapshot. Purity Snapshots can now be moved to FlashBlade or any NFS target for long-term retention. The migration and recovery is managed within Purity's snapshot management policies, which enables snapshot retention on open, lower-cost media options.

Designed for cloud automation, VMware VVols and storage policy-based management bring automation and compliance to VMware-based clouds. The Pure Storage integration brings persistent storage to the Docker ecosystem that extends to orchestrators like Swarm, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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