Pure Storage Redefines the Meaning of Seamless, Resilient Storage with Latest Offerings

Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, is announcing several advancements to both its Evergreen portfolio, data resilience offerings, and AI-powered storage services. Notably, Pure Storage is unveiling its first-of-its-kind commitment to pay its customers’ power and rack space costs for the Evergreen//One Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) and Evergreen//Flex subscriptions.

Known for offering a true, seamless cloud experience, on premises, Pure Storage is further exemplifying this commitment by taking responsibility for the associated costs of power and rack unit to run its offerings, according to the company.

As a one-time, upfront payment—made directly as cash or service credits, based on kilowatt per hour (kWh), Rack Unit (RU) fixed rates, and the customer’s geographic location and contract size—Pure Storage aims to alleviate the growing pains of increasing electricity costs and rack unit space.

“I don't think anyone in the industry is standing behind their technology advantage by paying for power and rack…this is an industry first,” said Prakash Darji, GM, digital experience at Pure Storage. “In a world where energy [has a] limited capacity… these things are real problems, and we've got a huge advantage [in] helping customers modernize here.”

Not only does this commitment help customers save on Pure Storage offerings, it forwards a mission to make “being green” easier and more affordable.

Pure Storage is also announcing several new efficiency and business guarantees to meet customers where they are in their storage journeys.

For customers opting to own their storage through an Evergreen//Forever subscription instead of utilizing Evergreen//One or Evergreen//Flex, Pure storage is offering a Power and Space Efficiency Guarantee that empowers Evergreen//Forever customers to consume less power, store more data with less space, reduce energy costs, and report more accurately with transparent measuring.

With the new No Data Migration and Zero Data Loss Guarantees, Pure Storage protects its customers against unplanned costs as a result of data loss incidents, all while business operations remain active during upgrades. No Data Migration guarantees that technology upgrades are executed without the need for data migration, while Zero Data Loss protects data with advanced data recovery services at no cost.

The goal with Pure’s latest assurances is “guaranteeing that what we've done for the last decade, which is no longer having to revise and spend time and effort labor doing data migrations, we're guaranteeing in the future,” said Darji. “It’s standing to the testament of how we can continually help customers modernize over time.”

Pure Storage emphasizes giving its customers flexible upgrades with more choice, offering a capacity plus controller trade-in delivered at up to 20% lower price than new controller costs with the Ever Agile program. Evergreen//Forever now provides flexible access to innovative capabilities, while Evergreen//One offers extending STaaS financing options for agile procurement and deployment.

Amid Pure’s various guarantees, the company is also introducing Pure Protect//DRaaS, a  Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, as well as scalable, AI-powered storage services with the Pure1 management platform.

Pure Protect//DRaaS is a consumption-based disaster recovery service that optimizes overall complexity, cost, recovery time, and business disruptions in the event of data incidents. Customers will have multiple restore points to recover clean copies of their on-prem vSphere data, regardless of the storage infrastructure, while simultaneously keeping data centers isolated for investigation.

“If you only have one data center, you can't do [disaster recovery]. We're trying to make this accessible around enhancing data resilience to largely a lot of customers who just couldn't afford it or get into that space because the cost of standing it up… [or that the] knowledge of going into a cloud environment may not exist for these people,” explained Darji. “So, we're simplifying that entire thing and making data resilience accessible.”

Additionally, Pure Protect//DRaaS offers a Data Resilience Score with Pure1 Data Protection Assessment, granting customers visibility into their data resiliency.

Pure Storage is further offering AI-powered asset and lifecycle management services and policy-based automation, aimed at empowering customers to achieve operational excellence, anywhere, and on any scale, according to the vendor. This solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Asset management and genealogy, offering visibility into Evergreen assets, contracts, subscriptions, lifecycle, capacity, energy, and rack space usage
  • Subscription lifecycle operations viewer, highlighting when subscriptions require attention and renewal, predictive capacity utilization tracking, and SLA indicators
  • Policy-driven upgrades that aids customers in selecting the right Purity release for them
  • Pure1 mobile app for on-the-go alerts and insights

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