Push Technology Realigns Strategy by Rebranding as DiffusionData

DiffusionData, previously known as Push Technology, is announcing its brand realignment to solidify its position as a provider of real-time data streaming, messaging solutions, and digital transformation solutions. The enterprise’s identity now more clearly revolves around managing and reducing the costs of data consumption, transformation, and delivery in real-time, and at scale.

DiffusionData’s efforts toward simplifying the digital transformation journey did not begin at the company’s inception; rather, digital transformation was just a budding concept in the technological landscape, according to the company. After its widespread adoption, the requirements of digital transformation were quite clear: it necessitated no restrictions on data consumption, low-code functionality, and internet-scalability. DiffusionData’s latest strategies seek to accommodate that turbulent journey with the added simplicity of platform intelligence, eliminating manual data hassles for development teams—realigning the brand with intelligent managing and handling of data.

“Companies require intelligent systems to save them development time and money as well as reduce ongoing operational costs of building and running next generation mission critical corporate applications,” said Grethe Brown, CEO of DiffusionData. “Our Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform is a breed apart from the traditional tools available in the market to support the digital transformation requirements of companies we serve across the globe.”

Platform intelligence, the flagship strategy for the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform, operates on a few levels that alleviates the pains of digital transformation. Reducing operational costs is the first benefit of these operations; increasing capacity of existing hardware and optimizing infrastructure via Diffusion’s cache and streams, as well as employing a subscription model for communications, enables real-time updates and enhanced efficiency of systems that directly impact TCO. Diffusion incorporates a low-code data transformation engine to similarly increase the speed and simplicity of development, while customization through hierarchical data structures and granular access control generates greater value for your unique digital transformation journey.

“It’s intelligence from cradle to grave; all along the way there is an intelligent approach to the data—there’s no dumb data, there’s no blind pipe that we’re shoving information through. If you look at systems on the market, it’s what a lot of them do: they do not, from cradle to grave, apply intelligence to the data that they’re delivering,” said Andrea Skov, chief marketing officer at DiffusionData. “Everyone wants to deliver it, but you have to consume it and transform it before you deliver it, and that requires constant application of intelligence.”

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