Push Technology Supports a Low-Code Approach with Diffusion 6.8

Push Technology, a provider of real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, is releasing Diffusion 6.8, adding new features that include the Diffusion Gateway Framework, expanded data wrangling calculations and conditionals, and journal logging.

The update provides support for a new integration framework that allows users to write simple applications which can consume data from external data sources and publish to Diffusion topics or consume Diffusion topic updates and publish to external data sources.

Such applications can be written without any detailed knowledge of Diffusion or any knowledge of Diffusion clients APIs. Such applications can be easily configured and managed from the Diffusion management console.

Diffusion's data wrangling capabilities continue to grow with the introduction of the new 'process' transformations within topic views. The process transformations allow calculations to be performed upon input JSON values and the results 'set' as fields in the output JSON. Removals are also supported.

Diffusion also supports conditional processing that allows for reference topics to only be generated if specified conditions (based upon the input JSON value) are true. Conditions and calculations can be combined so that output fields are set to different values depending upon conditional statement with corresponding calculations.

Observability is enhanced with the introduction of a journal log. This is a new optional log which can log significant events such as API calls to a separate log, recording timestamps and the originator (principal) of the event. This is useful for audit purposes and for tracking API usage. Its use is optional and is configurable to allow the specification of the exact events to be logged.

Other notable enhancements include Individual topic view retrieval and Metric collector improvements.

“Organizations are seeking strategies to shorten development timelines, reduce costs and get to market before the competition with their event driven, applications. With the new Diffusion release, we continue to support these objectives. Using our platform, development teams can take a low-code approach to building next generation event-driven applications which are critical to their digital transformation strategies,” said Andréa Skov, CMO of Push Technology.

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