Push Technology Updates Platform with Data Lifecycle Management Capabilities

Push Technology, a real-time intelligent data streaming and messaging provider, is releasing Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform version 6.1, introducing data lifecycle management and ownership functions.  

The new functions further simplify and reduce development time for companies building mission-critical business applications.

The platform is purpose built to simplify data management, optimization, and integration for enterprises building data-dependent, and often time sensitive applications.  Diffusion is used by developers in companies worldwide to easily create and manage data models that fit the requirements of their businesses. 

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform uses uniquely identified data streams, called Topics, to deliver data to clients via a pub/sub interaction model. When a topic is updated with a new value, it is sent to all topic subscribers. 

Other updates include an automatic topic removal that enables developers to dynamically remove redundant or outdated parts of their application’s data model – automatically based upon user-defined conditions, thus, substantially simplifying the development process.

The benefits of Automatic Topic Removal are:

  • Reduction in application development time by eliminating the need to develop important housekeeping code to perform the tasks required to remove obsolete data and data streams in their applications.
  • Application simplification and optimization because busy Enterprise applications can create millions of topics over time.

Diffusion 6.1 addresses and simplifies this development challenge with a new Topic Ownership feature, which provides enhanced security functionality using fine-grained access control on a per-topic basis.

Topic Ownership associates a topic with a security principal. A session authenticated with the security principal is automatically granted the ability to read, modify, and/or update permissions for the topic, in addition to any permissions granted by the security store. All other sessions only have the permissions granted by the security store. A control session can create private topics owned by specific principals.

The 6.1 release also includes a new .NET Core SDK in addition to the rich range of SDKS already included with the Diffusion platform (Java, Javascript/NodeJS, iOS/Mac OS, Android, .NET, and C/C++). 

“Our guiding principal is to simplify and reduce Enterprise application development by providing a single, unified platform to manage, optimize, and integrate data for application developers,” said Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology. “The enhancements introduced in 6.1 further simplify the application development process and reduce the cost of managing infrastructure. By freeing up resources, we enable companies to focus on tasks that generate value for their business.”

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