Putting NoSQL to Work in a Data Warehousing Architecture

Many tools promise that users will gain rapid insights and create more flexibility by capturing and storing data, but introducing NoSQL database technologies into the data warehouse and analytics infrastructure is an approach that can yield faster and more flexible results.

During a recent DBTA webinar Chuck Ezell, vice president and practice leader of development, tuning and automation at Datavail, and Jeff Carr, CEO & co-founder of SlamData, demonstrated how the use of advanced tools allows users to explore, query, visualize, and publish reports without the need for costly data transformation or traditional data warehouse infrastructure.

Data is becoming so difficult to manage that users need more tools, Ezell said. “We need different tools and more approaches.

People are looking for a more flexible data warehouse where they can do things on the fly and access fresh data, added Carr.  With modern data hub you can deploy a solution in a matter of days or weeks, Carr said.

Traditional approaches incur several problems including cost, planning, and capturing data at the right times. According to Carr, SlamData can solve these issues as it’s a solution that is an analytics engine that uses SQL for queries. The solution natively connects to MongoDB and Hadoop to query and span the gap in traditional warehouse data needs, Carr said.

To view this webinar, go here.