Pyramid Analytics Focuses on UI Upgrades in Latest Platform Release

Pyramid Analytics, provider of the next-generation business analytics platform for the enterprise, is updating its signature platform, placing focus on ease of use and pairing the advanced analytics tool with a simplified user interface (UI).

With over 150 new enterprise-grade features and capabilities, Pyramid v2020 represents a milestone in the company’s roadmap and brings the organization closer to its goal of creating the self-optimizing decision platform.

“An undeniable gap exists in today’s data and analytics market. Tools are either meant for skilled professionals to perform complex machine learning projects, or business users to consume and interact with dashboards,” said Omri Kohl, Pyramid Analytics co-founder and CEO. “Pyramid v2020 addresses this gap with a highly tailored, configurable experience. Pyramid adapts to users’ skills - all with the enterprise-level features and functionality of the Pyramid platform.”

The most notable new features of Pyramid 2020 include:

  • Analytics for Everyone – Two new discovery environments - Smart Discover and Discover Lite- complement the existing professional Discover mode, adding vital flexibility to the application. These simplified modes provide non-technical users and entry-level analyst with skill-appropriate environments so they can work their way toward higher levels of analytics competency.
  • SAP BW Integration – Enables users to directly connect to SAP BW (including legacy BW, BW on HANA, and BW 4/HANA) and natively interact with cubes and queries without ingesting data. Users can mash their SAP data with other sources using Pyramid’s end-to-end platform. No other comparable analytics solution lets organizations analyze their SAP quite like Pyramid.
  • ETL 2.0 and Augmented Machine Learning Server – For power users and data scientists, ETL 2.0 significantly upgrades our professional-grade data modeling and wrangling tool, which comes standard with Pyramid. The Augmented Machine Learning Server enables administrators to create standard environments for specific machine learning (ML) projects. Administrators can standardize distinct Python environments to ensure the flawless execution of ML projects.

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