Pythian Launches Analytics as a Service Offering

Pythian, a technology services provider, is launching a customized analytics solution that integrates multiple data types from both internal and external sources.

The new solution, “Kick Analytics As A Service” (Kick AaaS), gathers multi-source, multi-format data together in the cloud, and adds advanced analytics, machine learning and visualizations to ensure business users and business systems get the insights they need.

The range of packages being offered spans business and technical consulting through to a fully-managed, end-to-end solution. According to Pythian, the services combine the latest technologies (such as cloud, analytics, automation and machine learning) and expertise to deliver insights, automate processes and enhance products.

Helping companies derive value from their data is the logical next step in Pythian’s evolution as a data company, according to Lynda Partner, vice president of marketing at Pythian and executive sponsor of the company’s Data Enablement initiative. For the past 20 years, she noted, Pythian has been helping businesses improve the performance of their revenue-generating data systems, and it makes sense to now direct that prowess at helping companies monetize their data.

In Pythian’s view, there is a growing need for business users to access more data to make better decisions, predict outcomes through advanced data modeling, and to incorporate learning from big data analytics to make smarter products. As a result, Kick AaaS reaches users beyond the IT teams that would normally be involved with outsourcing IT services.

Pythian adds that its cloud-native architecture enables scalability with costs aligned to usage, not physical infrastructure, and the fully managed approach helps to free up IT to focus on other strategic initiatives while Pythian takes care of both the platform and the data. Kick AaaS runs on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

For more information about Pythian’s suite of Data Services, visit the company online