QFunction Launches AI-Powered Cybersecurity Solutions that Leverage Existing Security Stacks

QFunction, the company helping businesses improve their cybersecurity posture and resilience by providing customized AI solutions, is announcing the launch of the company’s tailored cybersecurity solutions that empower medium to large-sized enterprises to leverage AI to protect their data, assets, and reputation from the threats of cyberattacks.

QFunction’s suite of solutions are derived from cybersecurity, threat hunting, user behavior analytics, SIEM administration, and endpoint security expertise with a specific focus on using customers’ existing cybersecurity tooling and data to drive better data security, according to the company.

With the power of AI and machine learning (ML) technology, QFunction augments organizations’ existing security stacks to detect attacks with advanced anomaly detection, ultimately reducing overall security noise and eliminating the need for extensive investment in cybersecurity products. QFunction’s security solutions can be implemented both on-prem or within major cloud providers, such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to QFunction’s security solutions that reduce mean time to response for cybersecurity incidents, the company offers SIEM consultant services that enable companies to collect the right cybersecurity data to increase overall security efficacy.

“I’ve created QFunction with the belief that AI and ML-based cyber security belongs in the public domain and that CISOs and business owners of all sizes deserve NASA-level protection,” said Ryan Smith, founder of QFunction. “I believe in building trust and long-term partnerships. This is why I have built a service that is agile and personal, adapting to every client’s unique conditions.”

QFunction is debuting the following cybersecurity solutions:

  • Threat Hunting: A cutting-edge threat detection service that proactively identifies and neutralizes potential threats before they cause damage
  • Targeted User Behavior Analytics: Enables companies to continuously monitor high-value user activities, intelligently establish behavioral baselines, and proactively detect even the slightest anomalies in patterns of user interactions, resource access attempts, and data handling practices
  • SIEM Setup and Consultancy: Helps customers regain control over disparate security data sources, operationalize real-time threat monitoring, and prevent breaches by consulting on various organization components, from architecture design to use case development, rules tuning, and continuous health checks
  • General Anomaly Detection: Uses AI to surface insights throughout a myriad of business operations to enhance decision making and optimize processes

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