Qdrant Unveils First Vector Database as a Managed Hybrid Cloud Offering for Enterprise AI

Qdrant, the high-performance, open-source vector database provider, is debuting the industry’s first native vector database offered as a managed hybrid cloud model. The new Qdrant Hybrid Cloud offering is a run-anywhere, self-service solution designed to empower enterprises to deploy and manage vector databases in any cloud provider, on-premise, or edge location. This technological feat capitalizes on the increasing demand for vector databases—particularly as it relates to supporting AI and generative AI (GenAI) initiatives—while offering utmost deployment flexibility and control over sensitive data.

The ever-ongoing push for AI necessitates a variety of technologies to be implemented to successfully support these extensive projects—namely, vector databases and vector search.

Qdrant builds off its existing vector database technology for enterprise-grade AI apps with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, bringing the benefits of performance, security, cost efficiency, and scale to the customer’s chosen environment. This not only offers customers maximum control over their data but also unlocks a variety of opportunities for creating personalized experiences without sacrificing privacy or security, according to Qdrant.

“Enterprises need to run their vector database applications in any environment with full control over their data, and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud is built to address exactly this,” said André Zayarni, CEO and co-founder of Qdrant. “With Hybrid Cloud, Qdrant takes the next step in enabling large enterprises to face complex challenges and better build and implement robust, next-gen AI applications while meeting strict risk and compliance standards.”

The development of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud was inspired by Qdrant’s active community base that was seeking a way to run managed workloads on the side of the customer, according to Zayarni. Now, these customers benefit from Qdrant Hybrid Cloud’s complete database isolation architecture that enables them to deploy a vector database wherever they choose—without losing out on the benefits of a managed cloud service.

“Qdrant Hybrid Cloud makes Qdrant a game-changer in the vector database domain by enabling unmatched deployment flexibility, ultra-low latency, and guaranteed data privacy and sovereignty. This sets a new bar for enterprise-grade vector search and applications,” said Bastian Hofmann, director of enterprise solutions at Qdrant.

Outside of community involvement, this innovation forwards Qdrant’s open source principles, emphasizing the importance of trust and reliability in the increasingly tumultuous and cloaked world of enterprise AI. Qdrant will continue to add new functionalities on demand, working on its open source code and leveraging community ideas for improvement.

“Qdrant Hybrid Cloud marks a major advancement in the field of vector search and enterprise AI, especially for bigger companies, where they have a lot of data—huge internal knowledge bases—and they want to utilize them,” said Zayarni. “We hope that this offering will ensure the performance, security, and, of course, cost efficiency for all the AI driven applications out there.”

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