Qlik Announces Rebrand to Reflect its New 'Wherever There's Data, There's Opportunity' Mission

Qlik is unveiling a completely new brand and website, transforming beyond aesthetics to symbolize the company’s evolution at the forefront of data integration, analytics, and AI. According to the company, its new identity encapsulates innovation, clarity, and agility.

In a recent blog post, Mike Capone, CEO, Qlik, outlined the move, “Our ability to offer flexible, agnostic solutions, combined with our rich experience in scaling AI at an enterprise level, makes us a vital partner in navigating AI complexities.”

With this renewed brand, the company aims to make complex data solutions more intuitive and accessible. The fresh, modern typography of the company’s logo and its streamlined design is Qlik’s pledge to clarity and efficiency, ensuring that its advanced solutions remain user-centric, according to Capone.

“Our inception in 1993, originally as ‘QuikTech,’ marked the beginning of a journey defined by 'Quality, Understanding, Interaction, and Knowledge'—the foundational QUIK values. While ‘Quik’ changed to ‘Qlik’ in our early days, our journey has always been about more than data solutions. It’s about empowering strategic business outcomes,” explained Capone.

Key to the company’s growth is the strategic acquisition of Talend, a milestone integrating holistic capabilities in data management, quality, analytics, and AI/ML. The redesigned Qlik logo, with its green and gray hues, mirrors this integration, echoing Talend's circle motif, signifying unity and progression.

Alongside the new logo is the new 'Wherever there's data, there's opportunity' ethos, reflecting a market shift towards leveraging data as a strategic asset.

Customers are poised to unlock these opportunities with the help of Qlik’s expanded portfolio, which provides comprehensive solutions in data integration, analytics, and AI/ML, according to the company.

“As we embark on this new chapter, Qlik's rebranding is not just about aesthetics, but about aligning with the evolving demands of our clients and the market. We are integrating this fresh look across every touchpoint—from digital presence to customer interactions, ensuring our identity remains consistent and reflective of our user-focused ethos,” said Capone. “Our reimagined brand is a renewed commitment to cutting-edge technology and business relevance. It's a promise to our clients: to be the catalyst in your data journey, delivering insights for substantial business outcomes.”

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