Qlik Provides Deeper SAP Capabilities to Maximize the Value of SAP Data

Qlik is adding multiple new aspects to its set of capabilities that help enterprises drive more use and value from their SAP data.

The new capabilities include a unified SAP connector that expands the ability of Qlik’s analytics platform to better leverage SAP data for analysis in any SaaS or client-managed environment.

Qlik also introduced the first in a series of SAP focused data and analytics solution accelerators that speed the ROI of integrating SAP data with modern analytics projects.

Augmented by Qlik Data Integration’s unique integrations with every leading cloud platform, Qlik has the most complete set of capabilities for enhancing access, transformation, and analysis of SAP data for Active Intelligence and data-driven decision making, according to the vendor.

“Customers are finding great success leveraging the agility of Qlik to create agnostic, real-time data pipelines on SAP data, in any cloud or analytics platform, that increases SAP data’s value for decision making throughout an organization,” said James Fisher, Qlik chief product officer. “Our new connector and accelerator solutions for SAP data expand our industry leading capabilities in helping any enterprise more easily access, transform and deliver all their SAP data for analysis, insights, and taking action.”

Qlik has more than a decade of certified expertise in accessing and transforming SAP data’s complex, application-specific data structures into formats optimized for analysis.

This includes a significant number of SAP data-related integrations and enhancements delivered over the past year with leading cloud vendors AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Snowflake.

These integrations leverage Qlik Data Integration to support real-time delivery of analytics-ready SAP data from any source—including legacy SAP environments, SAP HANA or SAP Application Servers—to any target. The result is an agnostic, production-ready solution that ensures analytics users have the most current and relevant SAP data needed for better business insights.

The new SAP Order to Cash analytics solution accelerator is the first in a planned series of accelerators that will provide IT/data teams a blueprint for modern data architectures while accelerating SAP data modernization projects.

The solution will leverage multiple components of Qlik’s data integration and analytics platform, and prebuilt data accelerators and analytics applications, to significantly speed time to actionable insights.

The new unified SAP connector will expand enterprise customers’ ability to extract SAP data more easily for analysis into Qlik Sense Enterprise through both a SAP BEx/InfoProvider joint connectivity and SAP SQL connector.

These features expand Qlik’s unique ability to deliver SAP data for analysis based on its industry leading set of SAP certifications and capabilities.

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