Qlik and AWS Collaborate on Solution for SAP Data

Qlik is expanding its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by launching a collaborative solution that will help enterprises drive more value from SAP data with cloud analytics.

Customers can now seamlessly and easily leverage Qlik Data Integration to deliver real-time, analytics-ready data from their SAP systems into AWS, accelerating and enabling cloud data warehousing, data lakes, and machine learning initiatives.

“Customers are eager to bring SAP data into AWS and leverage AWS as a platform of innovation to increase the power of data-driven decision making across their organizations,” said Fernando Castillo, head of sap partner network and sap alliance at AWS. “We are pleased to work with Qlik on the Qlik Data Integration solution, which is designed to help customers accelerate the migration of SAP data at scale on AWS, combine it with non-SAP data, and enhance the impact and value of all their data.”

Qlik has more than a decade of expertise in accessing and transforming SAP data for analysis. Qlik Data Integration unlocks and delivers SAP’s complex data structures into formats optimized for AWS, as well as automates the process of generating analytics-ready data sets for data warehousing or data lakes.

The result is accelerated time to value and reduced total cost of ownership for cloud analytic projects, including the benefit of bringing SAP data with non-SAP data together for more valuable real-time and predictive analytics, according to the vendor.

The Qlik Data Integration solution on AWS provides customers with:       

  • Real-time ingestion (Change Data Capture) of SAP data into many AWS services
  • Decoding of SAP proprietary data structures
  • Automated mapping and data model generation for analytics
  • Support for all core and industry-specific SAP modules
  • Support for SAP running on-premises or in the cloud
  • Expertise in SAP data management, integration and analytics
  • Ability to purchase in AWS Marketplace

“Enterprises are looking for a cost-effective, agile and modern way to bring their SAP data into their cloud analytics strategies. Qlik Data Integration is uniquely positioned to help customers looking to deliver real-time data pipelines and optimized integration with SAP and AWS,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP of technology alliances at Qlik. “We are excited about our continuing relationship with AWS, and delivering customers a proven solution for driving SAP data into the cloud for analysis and action.”

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