Qlik and Google Cloud Strengthen Partnership by Providing SAP Support

Qlik is deepening its strategic partnership with Google Cloud by providing a new joint offering focused on enabling customers to increase the value of their SAP data with Google BigQuery.

Optimized to support SAP data on Google Cloud and Google BigQuery, and reinforced with Qlik’s new ‘SAP on Google Cloud Expertise’ designation, Google Cloud customers now have an integrated solution they can confidently deploy with Qlik Data Integration to help drive more use and value from all their data.

The newly launched solution from Qlik for Google Cloud enables customers to accelerate and simplify the delivery of SAP data for real-time analytics on BigQuery.

The integrated solution provides customers an automated, real-time data pipeline through Qlik Data Integration to ingest and automate the delivery of analytics-ready SAP data into BigQuery – whether it’s from legacy SAP environments, SAP HANA, or SAP application servers.

The solution delivers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Rapid on-boarding and accelerated streaming of SAP data into Google Cloud
  • Real-time and continuous data replication from SAP applications to BigQuery
  • SAP data replication with minimal overhead on the SAP systems
  • Support for a broad set of SAP application data sources in a single solution
  • Automation of data integration reducing resource requirements for initial delivery and on-going maintenance

“Organizations increasingly need to drive business value from their SAP data, and we’re excited to partner with Qlik to help them do so with Google Cloud,” said Manvinder Singh, director, partnerships at Google Cloud. “Customers can leverage this solution from Qlik to accelerate the migration of data from SAP to Google Cloud and BigQuery, and ultimately to drive faster, data-informed decision-making.”

Qlik Data Integration is certified by SAP and supports all core SAP systems, automating real-time data replication and decoding SAP's complex, application-specific data structures into formats optimized for BigQuery.

This ensures analytics users have the most current and relevant SAP data needed for better business insights.

Joint customers have also benefited from Qlik’s deep domain and technical expertise in successfully migrating data from SAP systems to Google Cloud.

Qlik has shown it has the expertise in managing SAP’s complex, application-specific data structures into formats optimized for BigQuery with a new ‘SAP on Google Cloud Expertise’ designation.

“Cloud data warehouses like BigQuery can enable customers to unlock value from their core business data,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “As a premier partner and certified for our expertise on SAP data, the integration of Google Cloud and Qlik will help with real-time extraction and delivery of any type of data for analysis. This joint solution will help customers see increased benefit from BigQuery with wider use of SAP data alongside other data sources for impact across their organization.”

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