Qmulos Modernizes the Security and Compliance Process with Q-Compliance Core

Qmulos, a next-generation compliance, security, and risk management automation provider, is unveiling Q-Compliance Core, providing an on-ramp to continuous compliance for companies that are looking to start their migration away from legacy GRC solutions and manual spreadsheets.

According to the company, Q-Compliance Core empowers CISOs to manage compliance tasks more efficiently and effortlessly.

Intuitive dashboards deliver comprehensive insights and help teams navigate across diverse compliance frameworks, centralizing and streamlining evidence management, tracking remediation activities, and generating the necessary artifacts to develop a more robust risk management program and stronger cybersecurity posture.

As businesses' compliance program maturity grows, they can transition to Q-Compliance, Qmulos' premier solution for real-time control visibility and the automated collection of technical evidence, according to the company.

Q-Compliance unlocks continuous monitoring of cybersecurity compliance and full transparency for reporting and audits. By building on the foundation of Q-Compliance Core, companies can accelerate their journey to achieving continuous compliance, helping to protect themselves in a new era of accountability, according to the vendor. 

"Legacy GRC programs are struggling to keep pace with today's cyber risks," said Matt Coose, founder and CEO of Qmulos. "Q-Compliance Core offers a quicker and smoother path for businesses to grow a continuous cybersecurity and compliance program. The dead-end street of existing legacy and paper-based tools will never allow companies to achieve the continuous monitoring critical to achieving multi-framework compliance and enabling proactive cybersecurity."

Q-Compliance Core provides effective cybersecurity compliance for on-premises and cloud systems, according to Qmulos.

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