Quali and Interas Labs Partnership Provides Enhanced Infrastructure Integrity and Management

Leading platform for environments-as-a-service, Quali, is announcing its recent partnership with Interas Labs, a software engineering company that specializes in container orchestration, cloud-native architecture, microservices transformation, and GitOps. This collaboration improves engineering roadmap facilitation—with Interas Labs’ optimizations and Quali’s power in orchestration.

Employing Quali’s Torque infrastructure is a key component of the partnership’s potential; using Torque’s infrastructure automation and management facilities as an orchestration and control plane solution, Interas Labs will be able to supply users with increased resource utilization, streamlined infrastructure provisioning, improved cost expenditure for cloud services, and reinforced governance capabilities, according to the vendor. Torque’s ability to aid IT organizations through insights in infrastructure usage, without impacting development teams, is foundational for the partnership’s success. Interas Labs’ implementation of Torque provides better infrastructure integrity, better security, and better cost expenditure.

"By pairing our infrastructure engineering services with the powerful capabilities of Quali’s Torque platform, our customers will solve important problems linked to cost, velocity, governance, delivery and scale,” said Ujwal Yelmareddy, founder of Interas Labs. “Quali’s vision of environments-as-a-service aligns perfectly with our own.”

Further, the pairing seeks to combine Interas Labs’ ready-to-use automation blueprints and stable architecture framework expertise with Quali’s Torque platform for improved engineering operations. Mitigating bottlenecks, while also maintaining automation, hybrid functionality, and multi-cloud deployments, can prove to be a challenge for enterprises juggling them simultaneously. Interas Labs and Quali intend to alleviate that pressure, supplying environments-as-a-service compounded with automation and framework expertise.

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