Quant Enhances its Central Bank-Grade Blockchain Platform for Enterprise IT and Developers

Quant, the blockchain for finance pioneer, is introducing new pricing plans and functionality aimed at enterprise IT users and developers tasked by their business lines with implementing blockchain technology.

The Overledger blockchain platform updates are designed to empower enterprise project teams, architects, and developers from any sector or size to test, build, and deploy on the same interoperable distributed ledger technology already trusted by central banks, commercial banks, and large corporates to accelerate their digital asset strategy, according to the company.

For the first time, Overledger is now available via a fully functional, time-unlimited free plan to allow institutions to easily adopt a technology which is rapidly growing in adoption while creating new revenue streams, making complex workflows more efficient, reducing legacy costs and enabling access to new markets and clients.

According to the company, the new plan is the most powerful free blockchain plan available for any enterprise looking to execute their digital asset strategy; it enables IT end-users and developers to fully test their concepts, build business applications, connect their existing systems, and tokenise then launch interoperable digital assets of any type.

For those that want to start deploying on a mainnet blockchain or run more complex proofs of concept or projects with multiple counterparties and networks, Overledger offers two new, self-serve SaaS plans at $179 and $379 per month respectively.

These new Overledger plans—unlike blockchain infrastructure products that are aimed solely for node hosting or siloed dApp development, can’t serve regulated financial institutions and central banks, provide limited functionality, and charge by transaction or volume—are available for just a flat monthly fee, giving customers clarity on their costs and IT budgets.

“We believe that anyone who wants to build a business in the blockchain economy should be able to do so using technology that has been tried and tested in the most demanding of use cases: regulated financial services,” said Gilbert Verdian, founder and CEO. “That’s why these new plans and features meet the demands of IT decision makers: they’re an accelerated go-to-market for enterprise IT and developers to choose the best technology and delivery solutions for their business lines at speed—using the same ‘grown up’ tech already used by institutions like central banks and their commercial counterparts, securities issuers, and asset managers.”

As before, bespoke enterprise plans—backed by comprehensive service level agreements, dedicated infrastructure and all the specialist expertise of the Quant team—are also available for clients that are ready to put their blockchain solutions into mainstream production.

Overledger now comes with powerful new enhancements across the board too, including:

  • Blockchain platform as a service: A simple way for users to run their own dedicated blockchain testing environment with complete security and privacy.
  • Smart contract API: Users can now deploy and launch any smart contract on any chain with ease.
  • Transaction signing: There is no need to set up key management solutions to sign test transactions; it’s now built-in at platform level.
  • Secure transactions: All transactions are co-signed with an additional level of security expected by enterprise security.
  • Agents: Both Make and Zapier integrations are available for Overledger, enabling powerful code-free automation with any blockchain.

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