Quantinuum Launches Quantum-Computing-Hardened Cryptographic Keys for Advanced Device Protection

Quantinuum, the integrated quantum computing company, is launching Quantum Origin Onboard, a cryptographic key enhancement solution that leverages the power of quantum computing to strengthen the security of devices and systems. As a response to the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks, Quantum Origin Onboard strengthens the protection of devices through innovative cryptographic key technology.

As technology rapidly iterates and improves over time, threats imposed upon that technology continue to grow its sophistication in parallel. This exact phenomenon has led to the vulnerability of cryptographic technology; according to Quantinuum, the traditional processes of generating cryptographic keys are not provably unpredictable, surfacing a vulnerability gap capable of devastating consequences.

Quantum Origin Onboard targets this security threat through quantum-computing-hardened key enhancement, which integrates directly into connected devices to deliver enterprise-grade security at the more granular level of the device. By embedding a quantum seed—a string of provably unpredictable numbers, according to Quantinuum—into enterprise devices, the solution can produce more robust and secure keys, protecting devices in any environment, online or off.

“Enterprises are recognizing they can build unprecedented resilience by adopting quantum-computing-hardened cryptographic keys,” said Duncan Jones, head of cybersecurity at Quantinuum. “This is a paradigm shift, and enterprises in critical industries are embracing the opportunity to minimize a risk to one of their attack surfaces, specifically device-level encryption on internet connected products that might be in the field for a decade.”

Quantinuum’s quantum-computing-hardened cryptographic keys also provide utility for widely interconnected devices—often a hotbed for potential cataclysmic cyberattacks. Quantum Origin Onboard embeds its security into connected devices, further strengthening systems against advanced attacks through a less exploitable attack surface. Deployment of this solution is simple and efficient, supplying enterprises with uninterrupted key generation for connected devices and the data they manage, according to Quantinuum.

“While quantum computing has the potential to render current encryption algorithms obsolete—posing a significant challenge to businesses and individuals alike—already today, sophisticated attackers can take advantage of vulnerable encryption keys,” said Dr. Rajeeb Hazra, CEO of Quantinuum. “With our Quantum Origin Onboard and the overall Quantum Origin platform, organizations can fortify defenses across multiple endpoints and embrace the possibilities of a quantum-secure future.”

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