Qubole Data Service Now Supports Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store

Qubole has announced deeper integration with Microsoft Azure, adding support in the Qubole Data Service (QDS) for the Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store.

The amount of compute required for big data workloads can vary greatly over time. Because Azure cloud supports per-minute billing, when combined with QDS’ unique workload-aware auto-scaling, it creates a precise way to reduce wasted compute, lowering TCO by as much as 66%, according to Qubole.

In turn, Qubole’s support complements the Azure Data Lake Store by providing a turnkey analytics processing layer that makes it easy for customer to start solving business problems at scale, said Bharat Sandhu, director, product marketing, Microsoft AI at Microsoft Corp.

The Qubole platform leverages a range of big data intelligent solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver an accessible way to perform big data analytics on data stored in Azure. QDS’ native support for Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store provides a seamless way to perform analytics on Microsoft’s high-performance, scalable data store and is compliant with the Azure security framework.

To learn more about QDS on Azure, visit Qubole’s website.