Qubole Offers Open Sourced Version and Partners with Looker

Qubole is announcing two major changes. It is releasing an open sourced version of its StreamX tool and forming a partnership with Looker.

New Open Source Version

“Open source seems to be the perfect way in which other people can use it and also contribute back to it,” said Ashish Thusoo, CEO and co-founder of Qubole.

StreamX is an ingestion service to help data teams efficiently and reliably capture large scale, real-time data. The solution ingests the data logs from Kafka and purges it to cloud object stores such as Amazon S3.

Support for the platform will be added to Qubole as a managed service on the Qubole Data Service (QDS) solution to simplify and automate the ingestion of data for big data analysis in the cloud.

Users who handle big data daily or write ingest platforms for big data will benefit the most from this, according to Thusoo.

“In the IoT space a lot of people are using Kafka and those types of technologies to pump data into the cloud so with StreamX, it makes that much easier and the harder problems are taking care of,” Thusoo said.

Partnership with Looker

In addition to opening StreamX to developers and enterprises, Qubole is partnering with Looker to integrate solutions.

By combining Looker's business analytics with Qubole’s cloud-based big data platform, it gives non-technical teams and business users across organizations access to powerful, yet easy-to-use big data analytics, according to the companies.

“We’ve been working closely with Looker to make sure that those integrations work very well so that the platform itself can be used by another set of users, the Looker users can get now get the power of big data as a service like through a cloud based platform like Qubole,” Thusoo said. “Both of these announcements are a part of our efforts to simplify big data.”

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