Qubole Offers Streaming Data Pipelines in Real-Time with Latest Release

Qubole, the open date lake company, is launching Qubole Pipelines Service, a new offering that makes it much easier and faster for customers to build robust, scalable streaming data pipelines.

With Qubole Pipelines Service, data teams can now build, test, deploy, monitor, and manage hundreds of streaming data pipelines from a single platform, resulting in increased productivity, greater innovation, and reduced operating costs.

With Qubole Pipelines Service, businesses can complement their existing data lake with advanced features that help them instantly capture streaming data from various sources, accelerate development of streaming applications, and run highly reliable and observable production applications at the lowest cost.

Salient new features include:

  • Accelerated Development Cycle
  • Robust and Cost-Efficient Stream Processing Engine
  • Comprehensive Operational Management.
  • Data Management and Consistency

“Today, organizations continue to struggle with stream processing at scale, and we found that they needed a comprehensive solution that would tackle the most complex pain points around reliability, scalability, and cost efficiencies,” said Joydeep Sarma, CTO and co-founder at Qubole. “Through our extensive discussions with Qubole’s customer and partner ecosystems, we knew that solving these problems was a large undertaking. The arrival of Pipelines Service not only equips data teams and engineers with the most comprehensive solution to quickly build streaming data pipelines and analyze massive streams of data And it also underscores Qubole’s longstanding tradition of providing businesses with an open data lake platform for batch and streaming analytics.”

Qubole Pipelines Services is now available on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.

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