Qubole Partners with WANdisco to Launch its Cloudera Migration Program

Qubole is launching its Cloudera Migration Program and is partnering with WANdisco to assist enterprises in expanding their use of big data by leveraging the advantages of the cloud.

The partnership’s goal is to create a seamless process for customers migrating data and analytics to the cloud with no downtime or business disruption.

“The big data industry is shifting from on-premise to cloud as the preferred deployment model, but many early Cloudera customers are stuck with a system that wasn’t designed for the cloud.” said Ashish Thusoo, co-founder and CEO of Qubole “Together with WANdisco, Qubole now offers the first fully packaged migration service which enables companies to experience the full benefits of big data analytics in the cloud.”

The Cloudera Migration Program enables Qubole Data Service on AWS to run data processing workloads on Hadoop, Spark, Presto or HBase; WANdisco Fusion to enable active data replication from on-premise to AWS S3. This can done one-time or continuously for a hybrid deployment model; Professional services for scoping, planning, design and migration of on-premise Cloudera deployments; The seamless movement of data at scale that doesn’t disrupt on-premise user access, or require cloud vendor storage appliances to be sent back and forth from customer data centers; and Post-migration, the solution supports active transactional data movement between on-premise and cloud environments for hybrid burst-to-cloud use cases.

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