Queplix Announces Free Download of Data Virtualization Product

Queplix Corp., a provider of data virtualization software, has announced that its new Virtual Data Viewer is available for free download. The new product aims to streamline preliminary steps to implementing any type of data migration, management, integration or similar data initiative.

Virtual Data Viewer is intended to enable users to easily examine their data before implementing new initiatives. They can review data sets, compare object and relational structures, plan data models, without having to use complex tools.

"In order for companies to be successful in either data integration or data management or master data plans, or even in the BI space, it is very important to have access to corporate information," Mark Cashman, CEO, Queplix, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

By unlocking any database schema and exposing the organizational structure of database applications, the company says, Virtual Data Viewer lets users review and audit all metadata within just a few minutes.

"What we are doing is unleashing that data so that enterprises can get access to it and understand what data is at their disposal and make key business decisions on how to use that information," Cashman says.

Once they understand their data, users can upgrade Virtual Data Viewer to Queplix's Virtual Data Manager, which integrates on-premise, cloud, and SaaS software applications, to handle further steps in their data management initiatives.

According to Queplix, the Virtual Data Manager substantially automates application and data integration and provides ongoing data harmonization for higher business value. The persistent metadata server at the core of Virtual Data Manager enables a consistent view of customer, product and financial data across software systems. "What we are advocating is better use of the data that is at your disposal across your platforms for specific applications," says Cashman. "One of the key components is that you never have to physically move data as you would with any data warehouse or master data management solution because you are dealing with metadata only."

More information about these solutions is available from the Queplix home page.