Queplix Announces QueCloud On-Demand Environment for Integration and Management of Cloud and On-Premise Applications

Queplix Corp., a  provider of products for data integration and data management, has introduced  QueCloud, which enables companies to securely integrate cloud applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, LinkedIn, and FaceBook. QueCloud is the company's first cloud-based platform and it expands the Queplix product line which already includes on-premise products such as Virtual Data Manager. The new offering is targeted to all verticals in the U.S., and with a special focus on SMB market

"Finding a way to integrate cloud applications and data poses a major challenge for companies who want to make their systems work together for important business functions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)," said Michael Zuckerman, chief marketing officer, Queplix. "QueCloud offers a highly automated, turnkey solution that allows them to spend their project dollars more wisely by avoiding long service engagements, manual processes, and the constant wholesale movement of entire data sets." According to Zuckerman "The entire data integration process simply involves checking off boxes to align the data and the business rules you want to use. From that point on, our automation takes over to keep the data harmonized."

QueCloud leverages the architecture of Queplix Virtual Data Manager, the company's flagship product which drives the application and data integration process. QueCloud enables the configuration of a series of Application Software Blades that identify and extract key data and associated security information from different target applications such as Salesforce and SGoogle. The blades identify and extract key metadata and associated security information from the data stored within these applications, then bring it into the Queplix Engine to support data integration with other applications. Once applications are integrated, QueCloud keeps critical customer, product and financial data consistent between applications with an automated data synchronization process.

Queplix Corp. also announced a special promotion which provides a free 12-month subscription to its first 20 QueCloud customers.

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