Queplix Announces Software Application Blades for FaceBook, LinkedIn and Google Contacts

Queplix Corp., a data virtualization software vendor, has introduced three new Application Software Blades in Virtual Data Manager enabling companies to integrate social media data with internal corporate systems. Companies can now automatically capture information from FaceBook, LinkedIn and Google Contacts and harmonize it with their own corporate data.

According to Queplix, companies typically struggle with how to incorporate and leverage the data within social media communities for business gain. With the new integration capability, Queplix allows organizations to combine data from social media sources with internal information, thus providing a new layer of intelligence to business-supporting functions.

The new Application Software Blades for social media can identify and extract key metadata and associated security information from FaceBook, LinkedIn and Google Contacts, then bring it into the Queplix Engine to support data integration with any existing or new corporate applications.

"The value of social media and its potential to enhance corporate initiatives is widely recognized, yet barely tapped," said Mark Cashman, chief executive officer, Queplix. "Adding FaceBook, LinkedIn and Google Contacts to the arsenal of applications and data the Virtual Data Manager can integrate with, allows companies to leverage dynamic social media for a variety of functions, such as customer relationship management, sales force automation, marketing activities, public perception monitoring, and more."

Virtual Data Manager can manage a simple integration between two applications or scale easily to integrate many multiple instances of complex applications. In addition to the new social media blades, Queplix also offers Application Software Blades for customer relationship management applications such as Siebel, and other on-premise and cloud-based applications.

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