Queplix Introduces Data Quality Manager for QueCloud

QueplixCorp., a provider of data integration and data management products, has introduced the new Data Quality Manager for QueCloud, enabling companies to create and maintain data consistency throughout the data migration, integration and management lifecycle with a single cloud-based platform. Data Quality Manager is also available on-premise with Queplix Virtual Data Manager.

QueCloud, a data integration and data management cloud, securely integrates cloud applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, LinkedIn, and Facebook, addressing the common data quality challenges that can create barriers for data integration efforts. As a central component of the QueCloud dashboard, Data Quality Manager is tightly coupled with the solution's core data integration and data management functionality. The data quality product was developed by Queplix and is being offered as a separate, licensable component, but it is one piece of software, one platform, Mark Cashman, CEO of Queplix, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Data Quality Manager is also available on-premise with Queplix Virtual Data Manager.

The Data Quality Manager cloud-based data integration platform service offers advanced data quality, integration and management in one environment, for a eliminating the need to invest in separate tools and enabling a seamless business experience, Cashman notes.

Data Quality Manager delivers fast, automated access to data quality functionality for null fields, duplicate detection, syntax error notification, as well as date range checks in a manner that works as part of the data integration and management process. As a result, data is made consistent from the onset of integration, and consistency is maintained throughout the data management lifecycle.

According to Queplix, QueCloud is designed for the business user and no SQL programming is needed. The architecture includes a series of intelligent Application Software Blades that identify and extract key metadata and associated security information from target applications and move it to the Queplix persistent metadata catalog. Once integrated, data remains easily accessible to additional applications, enabling a flexibility and scalability. As a result, organizations can dramatically reduce the lifecycle total cost of ownership for data management, by up to 75% or more over the cost of a traditional deployment.

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