Queplix Launches Virtual Data Manager for Integration of On-Premise, Cloud and SaaS Applications

Queplix Corp. has announced the Queplix Virtual Data Manager (QVDM), which aims to substantially automate application and data integration, enabling a consistent view of customer, product and financial data so that vital information remains accurate across software systems.

According to the company, QVDM solves an ongoing problem posed by the increasing number of online applications that do not share a consistent and common data set.

"What we realized is that there is a significant challenge when it comes to data management and migration of data between applications, whether they are on-premise, software as a service (SaaS), or cloud-based," Mark Cashman, CEO of Queplix, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The technology that we are unveiling as part of the product that we call Virtual Data Manager is data virtualization. We think it is key infrastructure software that allows the enterprise to integrate cloud, SaaS, and on-premise applications using data as a fundamental paradigm."

The architecture of the Queplix Virtual Data Manager drives the application and data integration process. The product can manage a simple integration between two applications or scale easily to integrate many multiple instances of a complex application such as Siebel or SAP. Application software blades enable QVDM to securely connect to many different target applications and data. The blades identify and extract key data and associated security information, then bring it into the Queplix Engine where it is automatically harmonized. Because QVDM stores metadata, not data, it is a thousand times faster than a database engine, according to the company.

"We are able to easily and quickly synchronize information from legacy systems with cloud-based applications whether they reside in a private cloud or a hybrid cloud using a new paradigm which is a persistent metadata store that takes all of these relational views of information and creates an object-oriented view and presents it to the user in a very unique user interface," says Cashman. For more details about QVDM, go here.